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Free Hotel Accommodation

All our customers are entitled to stay at a hotel for up to 21 nights a year FREE OF ROOM CHARGE. Many of these hotels are based on the coast or set in beautiful woodlands, often with luxury health suites and gyms, spas, swimming pools, steam rooms, saunas, jacuzzis, tennis courts; available at no extra charge. Fishing and golf facilities are nearby to some hotels. This facility is available to all customers who pay for their Cleanse programme. Once you've paid for the programme we'll contact you to find out whether you would like this facility. We all suffer from stress and fatigue from time to time. Frequent short breaks can make all the difference. I truly believe that holidays can reduce stress which I feel equates to good health and general well-being. You will now be able to stay in over 160 hotels throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland without you having to pay for your accommodation. Only the cost of breakfasts and evening meals are to be paid by you. Many of these hotels would usually charge over £100 per room per night so the savings for our member is substantial. The restaurants and haute cuisine in many of the hotels are par excellence. Why not incorporate your cleanse and integrate it as a spa experience!

Sleek & Beautiful

Lose Weight

Sit back and relax! You are about to encounter a new day. Starting with our 3 step programme together with your individualised consultation and coaching service - together we will support you to obtain the look you want using products which are safe, natural and give you the transitional glow your looking for to enhance your looks and the way you feel

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Health Check Every Year - Perfect Companion to Your New Journey

We are committed to ensuring your good health and general well-being as such we can give your recommendation to attend a facility in a clinic in Harley Street, central London, for a full health screening for every one of our members. This is a facility that you can, and should, make use of once a year, EVERY year! The results of the screening are totally confidential to you and you will be provided with a full written report which you can take away and show to your own G.P. if you would like to investigate the findings still further

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You Will Receive All FOUR Packages

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Going on Holidays is now fun

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings.

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Cruise Trip 2017

Enjoy international travel? So do we. Join us on our team cruise in 2017!

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Can you still lose weight and still eat? Yes you can. I will show you how

Sleek & Beautiful


A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings.

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